Fish The SooIn a former life, I was an unhappy administrative and human resources professional who—thank god(s)—decided to go back to school and complete a degree in English-Creative Writing. My goal was to write for magazines, although I never quite believed I could make it happen.

Well, it happened…after a stint as editor for Milwaukee Home & Fine Living magazine, I now write for several local, regional and national magazines—mostly travel, but occasionally profiles and historical stuff. I’m also working on a book about historic Milwaukee bowling alleys, and co-authoring a book about Lake Geneva, WI.

I love (in no particular order):

* Music – Rush, Steely Dan, Cat Stevens (yes, I know he’s got a different name now), Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, John Prine, Elvis, Paul Simon, Will Smith, Led Zepplin, George Jones…and many, many more.

* Author Shirley Jackson—she was my first inspiration.

* Outdoorsy stuff – kayaking, hiking, cycling, etc.

* Taking pictures

* Really good cocktails – Have you tried the new Great Lakes Distillery Absinthe? It rocks.

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