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I Want To Be Buck Owens

October 6, 2010

Yes, I want to be Buck Owens. Here’s how it happened:

At World of Bluegrass 2010 in Nashville, I saw the Infamous Stringdusters (above). Never have I heard something so magically alive come out of strings, and I’ve groupied around for almost 50 years. Extreme talent, yes, but best yet, I could see these guys were in heaven–fused with their instruments and loving it.

Turns out there’s a place in Nashville to get the best strings around: Gruhn Guitars. George Gruhn (above) will get you set up, as long as you have money and a passion for the craft. A zoologist who has actually classified guitars according to zoological taxonomy, he sells to the likes of Hank Williams, Jr., Eric Clapton and many other greats–in Nashville and far beyond.

 But I found the real thing…Buck Owens’ guitar. Believe it or not, it’s even in tune, hanging right on the wall at the house Barbara Mandrell used to live in. See it for yourself at So, newly inspired, my plan is to move to Nashville, hit the studio, and make a few of these:

I’ve even got a great hook for a song: “Well, I came to Sunday dinner, and all I got was chicken skin.”  Like it?


Tuniverse in Nashville

November 4, 2009

Ya’ll know there are plenty of honky tonks in Nashville…some ancient history, like Tootsie’s and the Reiman Theater, and some newer. One place you need to check out is the Wildhorse Saloon on Second Street. First of all, it’s huge–you can party with hundreds of your closest friends on three floors! Plus, the decor is…well…wild horses, hanging upside down from the ceiling, pointing the way to the restroom, etc.

This past Wednesday was the launch party for the new music video site: We got to see plenty of live music, from bands like Restless Heart, Wideawake, Here Come the Mummies, and my personal favorite of the evening, Luna Halo

Luna Halo Nashville

The show was $15, and for that we got five hours of music, dancing and live interviews with the musicians. The whole thing was filmed, and if Tuniverse takes off, it could give some serious competition to other music sites.

There was also a Kiss concert in town, so the streets were full of face-painted folks in concert tees like this:

Kiss Fan Nashville 1Kiss Fan Nashville 2

Kiss Fan Nashville 3

I was surprised to see that my husband and I were the only people in cowboy hats in all of Nashville…except for Ernest Tubbs…what’s up with that, people? Every store sells ’em…don’t you like wearing ’em any more?

Jerry Nashville Cowboy Hat

Anyhow, we’re planning on going back sometime this winter, because we want to attend a Grand Ole Opry show at the Reiman–its original home. And I’m going to get some more of that Chicken Artichoke soup from Blackstone Brewery — it’s my new favorite place to eat in town. Entrees include Black Bean Jerk Chicken, Shepherds Pie and Mufalettas. And you can get a 6-beer sampler for $7.50, with a written description of each beer to peruse while you imbibe. Sweet.