I Want To Be Buck Owens

Yes, I want to be Buck Owens. Here’s how it happened:

At World of Bluegrass 2010 in Nashville, I saw the Infamous Stringdusters (above). Never have I heard something so magically alive come out of strings, and I’ve groupied around for almost 50 years. Extreme talent, yes, but best yet, I could see these guys were in heaven–fused with their instruments and loving it. www.thestringdusters.com

Turns out there’s a place in Nashville to get the best strings around: Gruhn Guitars. George Gruhn (above) will get you set up, as long as you have money and a passion for the craft. A zoologist who has actually classified guitars according to zoological taxonomy, he sells to the likes of Hank Williams, Jr., Eric Clapton and many other greats–in Nashville and far beyond. http://www.gruhn.com/

 But I found the real thing…Buck Owens’ guitar. Believe it or not, it’s even in tune, hanging right on the wall at the house Barbara Mandrell used to live in. See it for yourself at www.fontanelmansion.com. So, newly inspired, my plan is to move to Nashville, hit the studio, and make a few of these:

I’ve even got a great hook for a song: “Well, I came to Sunday dinner, and all I got was chicken skin.”  Like it?


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