Pecha Kucha Milwaukee

Twenty slides, 20 seconds each. That’s all you get to explain your idea when it’s Pecha Kucha night.

Now happening in more than 300 cities across the globe, Pecha Kucha (Japanese for “chatter”) is a hot, swirling current of ideas and new approaches to life and work. The process unleashes the minds of innovative thinkers and provides a non-threatening stage for emerging artists and other original types to showcase their work. From taverns to trade shows, presenters—each with 20 slides and 6 minutes, 40 seconds of talk-time—speak on virtually any topic. Simple idea…but very compelling.

The process was dreamed up in Tokyo in 2003 by architects Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein, to facilitate concise presentations for their designers. The events, now held worldwide, provide a setting for intelligent people to present their ideas—for free—to an audience. To watch ten presentations in Milwaukee, audience members each pay $10–the money goes toward the Pecha Kucha non-profit organization, for website upkeep and such.

Last night’s set of presentations at the Sugar Maple bar in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood was an artsy mix of creative exploration, cultural celebration and seemingly impossible mathematical equations. Topics ranged from building out-of-this world bicycles with disadvantaged kids to exploring Puerto Rican heritage to creating an architectural masterpiece out of clothespins and electrical wire. The audience leaned forward intently, laughed, shook their heads and learned. Oh, and they drank beer. Then they networked with presenters afterward to discover more about their ideas.  Here’s the website–check out a Pecha Kucha night near you:


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