Winter Sports in Wisconsin

Even on the coldest days, hardy Wisconsin Up-Northers are outside, kicking up the snow and getting busy with sports activities. Here are some things I spotted happening on Long Lake last weekend (Hint: if you’re looking at this through an email, you may need to go right to the blog to see the pics!):

Cross country skiing is a great way to get somewhere relatively quickly–much faster than walking. Plus, it’s a great workout. This gal’s skiing on Long Lake, but you can also head over to the Nordic Cross Country Ski Trail, off Highway B in Washburn Country, between Highways 53 and 70.

Wow, somebody really worked on this angel. Do you think it looks like me? No???? Come on…

Fireworks are always big around the holidays–folks shoot ’em off over the lakes. Just take care to keep all of your digits intact. This beauty was part of a New Year’s Eve fireworkstacular. 

Here’s a happy ATVr, heading toward trail 140 in Washburn County. The trail takes you past small lakes, through logging country. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a white squirrel–hard to pick out in the snow, but worth the trouble.

Finally, the sport I love most of all: ice bowling. All you need is an old set of pins and a ball, although some people use frozen turkeys–a bloody waste of a bird, I say.

The only problem with ice bowling is that you have to either talk someone into setting the pins for you, or be willing to set your own.

Finally, here’s a recipe for a great hot drink to celebrate coming in from the cold:

Heat a cup of coffee with 2 cups of eggnog. Pour in 2-3 shots of whiskey and serve in mugs with whipped cream on top. Mmmm.


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